Thursday, 27 June 2013

Egypt , India, Greece

So Looking through the thousands and thousands of Photoshop files i have to try and put something together for this portfolio ... i came across these designs i did for my Final Major Project last year for college. Taking inspiration from Eqypt , Greece and India i created 3 digitally printed silk scares from design similar to these. I started off with a simple drawn symbol or image from each place then after days of playing around on Photoshop, ended up with endless and useless designs that now i have no use for!  

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Double Face

Slightly different to my other post's but i'm using this blog for all personal work fashion retailed or not. I'm currently in the process of changing my course to Fashion Graphics so am doing some little pieces here and there to add too my portfolio. Taking inspiration for the drawing off Abbey Watson i then decided to add my 'graphic flare' to it. After playing around for hours i came up with this. I have no use for this design but things like this is what i love to do and think i will really be able to push my ability in this new course. 

Friday, 14 June 2013


As well as this chicks style being amazing! After the season 4 premier of pretty little liars, i have fallen in love with this song! My taste in music is pretty wide but since leaving for uni i have become a big fan of House and anything you can.. bust a move too. Its nice too revisit or come across something different for a while. 

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Jagged Edge

Jagged Edge

3 1 phillip lim

Leather rucksack
$250 -

Le Specs round sunglasses

We don't get much sun here in the UK but when we do it doesn't mean it has to be all pink lace and floral skirts. For those of us who don't like to bare all and like to keep a bit of style in our summer wardrobes, this is what i have come up with.
       The 90's Grunge theme is starting to make a come back with tartan shirts tied around the waist, jazzy trainers and boyfriend style dungarees. I'm a huge fan of tartan shirts at the moment .. and in fact i need to get a new one because people are getting sick of seeing me in mine! This outfit would also be great for Festivals or all day parties! the back pack giving you space to store all you're belongings and the shirt easily worn around the waist for those of us that last till the sun goes down. You can mix and match this simple but stylish outfit quite easily! try some docks and a beanie or a tight maxi skirt and fedora! many ways to make it more you .. with style ;)

Explanation- Now i have finished my first year and am on my summer break  i don't have access to Uni equipment and don't have my own camera at the moment. So if you don't mind, these are the types of post's i will be doing for a while! believe me its better than seeing my face! so let me know what you think and request any occasion that you would like a styled outfit for!? x

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Summer Summer Summer Time!

Summer Summer Summer Time!

Versace colorful shirt

Mango shirt

$31 -

Dark sunglasses

Shirts like these are a staple in my summer wardrobe! i admit they are not everyone's taste and my Nan laugh's every time i wear one, but they are great to add a little funk and colour to any outfit! As we are slowly stepping into Festival season, i thought i would share my outfit idea with the lucky ones that are hitting some of the top Festivals this summer! Hoping its still sunny come July, i might be abale to rock this at Lovebox!  You could switch this up for Creepers or trainers and a backpack for more of a sporty edge .. there are endless possibilities with these Jazzy shirts. Let me know what you think? - X