Friday, 9 May 2014

Final ad for LBB

This is my final ad for LBB- Lets Be Brief. The video i posted before from this same brief i had created using an app called Magisto. I wanted to experiment with film editing myself and decided to play around with Final Cut Pro. This is what i have come up with! it has alot more work that could be done to it but im going to leave it as that. It could be weeks more of editing before i'm happy with it. This projects gives one student from our class the chance of an internship with Lets Be Brief, I genuinely love this brand/company so fingers crossed!
Alongside this project i also had to create an interactive page and 2d design that could be worn on a t-shirt. The interactive page was a whole new project in it self and I would have needed 3 years on a different course to complete that! but its done and in. Here is the 2d design I came up with. I wanted it to be simple but bold and work well alongside their already known style.